Bring back the office buzz with SLAY Concierge

Help your employees escape the WFH monotony. Treat them to gourmet coffee breaks every day.


The virtual cafeteria experience every team wants

Hanging out in office cafeterias is so 2020. SLAY concierge keeps the coffee brewing and the good times rolling, virtually of course.

Relook at coffee breaks

Because breaks in the new normal call for great coffee

Reimagine workplace wins

Because even small wins feel bigger with India’s best coffee

Refresh everyday

Because when was the last time anyone missed office coffee?

Make great coffee, better!

Top up your coffee break with some of the most lip- smacking snacks!

How it Works



Choose from our handcrafted premium coffees and gourmet snacks



Order for a group of 10 employees or even go all the way up to 1000 employees



Submit a few details and we will deliver India’s best rated coffee to your employees

Why choose SLAY?

We are India's best-rated coffee. Our coffees are handcrafted by pro baristas and delivered in spill-proof, temperature-controlled packaging.

We're present at 150+ Cloud locations and are present in 10+ sites in an on-the-go coffee bar format. We have also crafted innovative products like the SLAY-X (India's Strongest Coffee), SLAY PourOver, and the SLAY DIY HomeBrewing Kit range that helps coffee lovers prepare gourmet coffee at home or on the move. All these and more come together to propel SLAY Coffee's vision of democratizing gourmet coffee.

Ready to bring back coffee breaks in the new normal?