Whilst takeaway coffee is extremely popular in the west, it is not common in India at all, not even in the metros with a sizable globe-trotting crowd. Realizing this glaring hole in their daily routines - a good cup of handcrafted gourmet coffee that can be picked up on the way to work or a cup for company while people go about their lives, SLAY Coffee who has already pioneered online coffee delivery in India with the cloud kitchen model, has stepped in to solve for this as well. This is how the idea of grab-n-go SLAY Coffee Bars came into being.
Life around us has fundamentally changed and with it a whole new need for the takeaway coffee bars have emerged. With the offset of the pandemic as well, we’ll be seeing the impact for a long time to come. While things around us may be getting back to normal, the pandemic isn’t going away any time soon and the recommended precautions still need to be adhered to.

SLAY Coffee Bars aims to be able to offer a little bit of normalcy to people’s lives- an accompaniment for their quick grocery runs, a short evening stroll, hurried walks to office while maintaining physical distancing, etc.- perhaps transforming these tasks possibly into small attainable luxuries. With that hope and an additional aim to make ‘coffee-on-the-go’ behaviour mainstream in India, SLAY Coffee now is present across bangalore as takeaway/Store-In-Store outlets.

The SLAY Coffee Bars is a hassle-free coffee takeaway experience, built on efficiency (takes up less than 100 sq. ft. of space), is tech-driven (self-service ordering) which helps reimagine on-the-go coffee experience beyond a café like never before. A minimum conversation and a wait-less experience is what SLAY Coffee Bar is all about. Our effort in sourcing the finest coffees and brewing & serving them in the freshest way by SLAY-certified baristas continue with the coffee bars. We will continue to serve coffees for every mood, lifestyle and occasion for we exist to cater to the hard core coffee lovers for whom coffee is essential and part of their lifestyle. If a cup of SLAY makes your day a little better, we've done our jobs! For the next set of SLAY Coffee Bars, we’re looking at primarily high-streets in phase-1 and later on including at the tech parks and malls, and more where our customers either Work, Travel, Play or Live.

SLAY Coffee was launched in February 2019 with SLAY Cloud Coffee Bars, by joining hands with the world’s largest internet restaurants company REBEL Foods, which helped the brand to accelerate their availability and benefited them from the best in class operational excellence. Today, the SLAY Cloud Coffee Bars serve more than 500,000 customers in 20 cities of India helping SLAY Coffee to become the 2nd largest coffee brand in the country in the online segment with the highest customer ratings in less than a year.