We are coffee fanatics, passionate about building an incredible brand and offering.

This passion drives us, not bureaucracy. 

If you’re looking for a typical corporate career with hierarchies, we are not for you. We are also not for you, if you want to be the lone rockstar. We expect our team to care for each other, learn from each other, help each other grow, and work towards the common goal of building a world-class brand in SLAY.

Team Slay

We believe in learning by doing things. We don’t wait until the time is perfect to do things, we do it, learn from our experience and move on to newer things. This is also why we don’t limit ourselves to hiring the superstars and the ninjas of the game; we strive to hire the RIGHT people - the people with drive, the people who want to make things happen, the people who are a constant work-in-progress, the people with the willingness & courage to lead, the people who are not afraid of getting it wrong (sometimes).

 No bureaucracy also means that all perspectives are given an ear, and debated. Everyone will be given an environment to express their opinions, and the idea is to benefit from the diverse set of experiences and points of view. We want to create a workplace that is inclusive and reflects the diversity of the cities we serve.

Your growth is something that we’ll be committed to. We promise that you’ll be given much and more to develop your talent and broaden your skill-set. Come, be a part of our team - a team that wants to shape a world that you want to live in, a team that wants to build opportunities for the local communities, a team that puts the planet first, a team that cares.

Write to hr@slay.coffee to discover the right role for you.