SLAY X Pure 100% Robusta Roasted Ground Coffee Powder | India's Strongest Coffee Blend | Freshly Roasted | Medium to Dark Roast | No Chicory | Not an Instant Coffee (Pack of 2) 500gm

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SLAY-X Coffee comes from the SLAY-X blend which is India’s Strongest Coffee. A blend of Robusta Cherry and Robusta Parchment, this blend is high on caffeine yet is smooth and palatable. This is our tribute to the Indian Robustas which are praised all over the world! Have it with milk for dark chocolate notes and a persistent pleasant roasted cocoa aftertaste. And get a smooth finish, a hint of orange zest notes, a solid caffeine punch, and a sweet aftertaste.

Roast Level: Medium Taste Notes: Orange Zest, Bittersweet with Persistent Aftertaste

  •  Premium Specialty Coffee
  •  Roasted in Small Batches
  •  Single Origin Source
  •  Orange Zest