SLAY Variety Pack- Robusta + Signature Arabica + Madras Mud (250g Each)

Rs. 1,050 24.95% Off Rs. 788
  • A rich blend of the finest Arabica, Robusta and special Indian beans. The freshly roasted beans are roasted in small batches which gives you a richer taste, better aroma and a great cup of coffee. The strong dash of the caffeine content of SLAY X is the right type of high that will keep you going all day long. There is no compromise on the flavour making it India’s strongest yet smoothest coffee. The SLAY Signature is our classic with a tribute to the traditional South Indian Filter Coffee in magical Madras Mud.
  • The trio pack contains- SLAY X Robusta Coffee Ground 250g + SLAY Signature Arabica Coffee Ground 250g + SLAY Madras Mud Filter Coffee 250g.
  • 100% Pure Coffee Powder- No Chicory.

Roast Level: Medium

  •  Premium Specialty Coffee
  •  Roasted in Small Batches
  •  Single Origin Source
  •   Freshly Brewed