SLAY X Pour Over Coffee Powder Brew Bags | 100% Pure Robusta Coffee Blend | India's Strongest Coffee | 2 Minutes Gourmet Coffee | Medium to Dark Roast (Pack of 20 Sachets) Pack of 2

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  • GOURMET COFFEE MADE EASY - Brewing a cup of coffee from plain coffee grounds has never been easier., not an instant coffee, but coffee that can be made instantly. With 2 minutes in hand, all you need is a mug and hot water to brew great-tasting coffee in 3 simple steps - TEAR, ANCHOR, & BREW. No bulky/expensive brewing equipment required.
  • SLAY X ROBUSTA BLEND: Slay X Blend is a proprietary blend of Robusta Cherry and Robusta Parchment green coffee beans sourced from the high-altitude estates of Chikmagalur. Internationally, strong blends contain around 1750 mg of caffeine per 100 grams of coffee, however the SLAY X blend on the other hand has 2250 mg of caffeine per 100 grams, making it the strongest coffee in the market, yet most palatable, giving you a natural caffeine boost.
  • NITRO-FLUSHED AND HERMETICALLY SEALED - All the Pour-Overs are nitro-flushed and then hermetically sealed to prevent passage of oxygen to ensure the coffee remains fresh as the day it was packed.
  • GREAT TASTE: Each sip gives a hint of orange zest, bittersweet aftertaste. Enjoy the coffee as black or with a splash of milk.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: Each Pour Over box contains 20 sachets. 100% vegetarian, All natural - No artificial flavouring or preservatives

Roast Level: Medium Taste Notes: Orange Zest, Bittersweet with Persistent Aftertaste

  •  Premium Specialty Coffee
  •  Roasted in Small Batches
  •  Single Origin Source
  •  Orange Zest