Slay At Home, One Weekend At A Time.
We’re over a month into the nationwide lockdown and with every passing day we are all getting used to spending more and more time at home. But are we all really enjoying our time staying indoors or are we just waiting for this lockdown to end so that we can go back to what we used to do?
Well, whatever the case may be, we at SLAY Coffee believe that with the right ingredients, we can make even these difficult moments just a little better. This has given birth to our initiative “SLAY AT HOME” which intends to deliver not just a great cup of coffee to our customers but also help make their time at home fun. 
SLAY AT HOME was launched with a Virtual Chess Tournament, where we partnered with Zomato Feeding India, and committed to match the entire amount of the entry fee and donate it towards feeding the underprivileged in the country. While the tournament was a huge success, this is only just the beginning and we’ll be coming back with more such engagement activities in the near future.
From stand up comedy to hackathons to quizzes, SLAY AT HOME will ensure that your time spent at home feels just a little better. After all, we are all about helping you slay those everyday moments, no matter where you are.


Written by Slay Coffee