SLAY Coffee exists to change the way India drinks coffee.
A handcrafted gourmet coffee on-to-the experience. In a spill-proof and temperature-controlled packaging giving our customers a hassle-free delivery experience at their doorsteps.

SLAY Coffee is now delivering across 150+ locations in over 10+ cities, starting from Bengaluru, NCR, Mumbai to Ahmedabad, Hyderabad. Our SLAY Coffee Bars are a hassle-free coffee takeaway experience, built on efficiency which helps reimagine on-the-go coffee experience beyond a café like never before. If a cup of SLAY makes your day a little better, we've done our jobs!
SLAY Coffee can also be brewed at home with its exclusive coffee bean blends like Madras Mud, Signature Blend, and SLAY X ( India's Strongest Coffee) available for people across E-commerce websites.
SLAY Coffee also offers a range of products to make your coffee experience better, like our Pour Overs, SLAY NOW (Coffee Concentrate), and SLAY DIY brewing kits to prepare gourmet coffee at your ease.

SLAY Pour Over Coffee Brew Bag

Just tear the bag, hang it on a cup and pour hot water to enjoy a delicious cup of SLAY-X. A True Instant Coffee- Each bag is individually packed to retain freshness. Easy To Carry And Brew. No equipment required.

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Rs. 315.00 Rs. 350.00 10.0% Off
Rs. 315.00 Rs. 350.00 10.0% Off
Rs. 315.00 Rs. 350.00 10.0% Off

Slay Coffee Home Brewing Kit

Take your At Home Coffee Brewing Experience to the next level with our professional Home Brewing Kit.

Imported Premium SLAY French press with SLAY-X 100% Pure Robusta Freshly Roasted and Ground Coffee Powder (250 gms)- No chicory

Flavours (5 Vanilla and 5 Roasted Hazelnut)- Just open, pour and mix the SLAY liquid flavours in your coffee.


Utkarsh Upendra

This SLAY X blend feels like I am being bitch slapped by an elephant. Worth the money.

Dipankar Sethi

One of the best ground coffees. Perfect Arabica brew

Ritwik Sondhi

Prepared Iced Coffee with with it, consumed it at 11pm and I couldn't sleep till 6:30 in the morning. Loving it.

Aditya Sen

Wonderful Coffee!! The aroma is so amazing and the taste is so addicting and refreshing. I even made my guests taste it and they all loved it!!

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