A handcrafted cup of gourmet coffee. In a spill-proof and temperature-controlled packaging. Delivered to your doorstep. An experience that won’t cost you a bomb.

 It’s all happening! SLAY Coffee is now delivering across 130+ locations in over 9 cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, NCR, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Mysore, Jaipur and counting. 

Today, SLAY Coffee can also be brewed at home with its exclusive coffee bean blends available for people across the country. SLAY Coffee’s Direct To Customer (D2C) offering includes coffee grounds & whole beans, single serve pour over brew bags, and its premium coffee brewing equipment. 

And that’s not all, SLAY Coffee is also available as a coffee-on-the-go experience with its 10+ takeaway outlets (offline SLAY Coffee Bars) which are located in standalone high street stores, store-in-store outlets at other leading F&B chains, corporate tech parks, and coming soon to a location near you.


SLAY X Coffee Blend- 100% Robusta
SLAY Madras Mud Blend- Filter Coffee
SLAY Signature Coffee Blend- 100% Arabica



Utkarsh Upendra

This SLAY X blend feels like I am being bitch slapped by an elephant. Worth the money.

Dipankar Sethi

One of the best ground coffees. Perfect Arabica brew

Ritwik Sondhi

Prepared Iced Coffee with with it, consumed it at 11pm and I couldn't sleep till 6:30 in the morning. Loving it.

Aditya Sen

Wonderful Coffee!! The aroma is so amazing and the taste is so addicting and refreshing. I even made my guests taste it and they all loved it!!